How I Became a
Limiting Beliefs Buster
Spiritual Teacher &
ThetaHealing® Master Instructor

I used to suffer from deep depression, anger, regret,
shame and guilt.

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My relationships were toxic.

I felt like I was drowning in a sea of darkness.

I didn’t know how to get out of it.

Thankfully I studied Theta healing and the psychology and spiritual philosophy behind belief transformation.

I wound up learning tools which empowered me to change my belief systems and limiting patterns of behavior – which I discovered had originated in the pain of my childhood abuse.

Now, looking back I can clearly see:

The painful people in my family have been by far my biggest teachers.

I’m talking about both the family I was born into – and the marriages I chose for myself. Each of these people were here to play a big part in my soul growth.

Once I began to fully understand the mechanics of WHY my soul chose these different challenging relationships (the “soul agreements” we shared), I began to heal and grow in abundant ways.

Now I can clearly see how my buried, limiting beliefs were the trouble-making culprits behind my patterns of self sabotaging behaviors.

Once I recognized this, I shifted my limiting beliefs on a cellular level.

My life soon became transformed.

I felt liberated, renewed, rejuvenated.

I started to experience greater happiness, more loving relationships, and a flow of greater success.

I’m now passionately committed to helping as many people as I can to change their limiting beliefs and painful patterns – so they too can transform their lives.

My Mission:

I love supporting, guiding, empowering, teaching and motivating my clients.
It’s exciting to watch them finally break free from the challenging dynamics and hurtful connections they have with people who create pain.
When I work with clients, I’m an extra deep digger of truth.
And I call it as I see it.
I create a safe space where I can lovingly push people to stop scurrying around issues.
I help them to finally get straight to the truth of things – so they can enjoy many powerful  “aha moments” – which ultimately release their pent up pain.

I’ve helped many thousands of clients to
break limiting beliefs and…

  • Experience deep cellular healing – so they can finally let go of the pain of past traumas – and release resentment, shame, guilt  and self sabotaging behavior.
  • Transform limiting beliefs – many of which are associated with deep rooted childhood abuse.  Basically, I help to change the limiting “hardware” of the subconscious mind – then “re-record” more positive programming.  For example, I change “I hate myself” to “I love myself.”
  • Reduce depression and anxiety – and expand into a more powerful state of “being” – so they live with more love, happiness, acceptance, confidence and abundance.
  • Do their Inner Child Work and discover the truth of their soul’s purpose for their challenges. They gain new perspectives on their pain – where they can see the larger picture on their “WHY” – and finally let go and move forward with greater meaning, growth and joy.
  • Access their intuition and inner wisdom – so they know who to trust and when to say no to people.
  • Break free from addictions – by breaking free from limiting beliefs which are creating these self sabotaging habits.
  • Transform “messy relationships” – with their family of origin, marriage, children, friends, and work colleagues.

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I’m not only a teacher on energy healing modalities and limiting belief work practices.

I’m also a lifelong student.

I’m regularly studying the most current research and cutting edge techniques.

I’m enthusiastic about growing and expanding my spiritual journey.

My background includes…

  • Theta Healing® Master, Instructor & Certificate of Science
  • Universal Sphere Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Akashic Records Healing & Advance Practitioner
  • Emotional Release Technique
  • Crystal Visioning – Past Life Regression
  • Reiki I & II
  • Spirit Alignment Technique
  • Child & Youth Worker and Counsellor
  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop created by Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Intensive, Progressive, Advance and Advance Follow-up Meditation Workshops
  • Love & Above Online workshop
  • You Can Do IT CANADA with Louise Hay
  • Maximized Living Program

I’ve had the honor to be featured in a range of magazine and e-articles plus radio stations.

I talk a lot about the importance of belief work.

I’m always sharing my philosophies about how what we think winds up projecting a mirror image of who we are.

I’d love to work with you.

I’d love to support you in experiencing greater happiness, stronger connections, and an abundance of success.

This book is a roadmap out of pain.
It’s time to enjoy more self-love, happiness, success, freedom & calm.
Lynn Vollmer

I Believe The Soul Chooses Our Family & Experiences
In Order To Teach Us Essential Lessons.
It’s Up To Us To Dig & Discover What
We’re Meant To Learn & Shift Our Reality

In My Book I Share My Soul’s Purpose
and My Journey From Challenge To Change.

“Am I not deserving of good in my life? Am I not deserving of peace in my life? I must have “abuse me” or “betray me” stamped on my forehead because the energy of abuse and betrayal follows me everywhere I go. I can’t seem to break the pattern.

Its roots go back to my childhood. I grew up in a violent, alcoholic and abusive environment. At the age of 14, I was taken out of my home and moved from one house to another, trying to find where I belonged. I went from one bad relationship and boyfriend to another trying to prove to myself that I was worthy and deserving of love. I married young, to a man I believed to be my “dream man.” But the dream devolved into a ten-year marriage that was rocky at best. The day he threatened to slash my face if I didn’t obey his command was the day, I decided to divorce him. I had finally had enough. I remember feeling so proud of myself for being strong, even though I wasn’t sure how I would support myself, the kids, or what our future would look like.

I made a promise to myself then, that I would do my best to create a good life for us.  I promised to protect them and teach them as best I could.   I promised that the next husband I married, if I was to ever marry again, would be kind, gentle, loving and supportive.”

excerpt from

“The Prize In Your Pain”

by Lynn Vollmer

You will Learn…

  • Why you suffer adversity and pain
  • Why you choose people & experiences on a Soul Level.
  • How to identify your Pre-Birth Plan
  • What your “Soul Agreements” are
  • What your “Soul’s Call into Action” is
  • How to listen when your Soul speaks & the art of Inner Reflection
  • Why your Soul’s got your back
  • How to walk down your Childhood Memory Lane & identify roots of your pain.
  • How to identify conditioning, limited beliefs & patterns
  • How to create stronger boundaries – so you show yourself far more love
  • How to say “yes” to support & be clear on what you desire and deserve
  • How to recognize your triggers – and know where you need to heal most
  • How to identify, acknowledge and process, unprocessed pain and unprocessed feelings that has been stuck in your body.
  • How to use The power of Theta as a bridge between your conscious & subconscious mind.
  • How to Dare to Be YOU – & bravely own your journey
  • How to energetically change a limited belief on a cellular level & bring in your Soul Lessons
  • How to complete your Soul Agreements and do a Soul Fragment Retrieval.
  • How to experience the BIGGER PICTURE of your life plan
  • How to feel the language of your body, magnetically bringing back to you what you feel and desire.

How to claim all of the many prizes to be won:
more self-love, happiness, success, freedom & calm.

Why Clients Love Lynn Vollmer

“My husband and I were having issues with our relationship. I was super impressed with Lynn’s ability to deal with us. She hit things right on, even though she knew nothing about my husband. She was a joy to work with.”



“My daughter suffered trauma in the last semester of school. Lynn used her intuitive insight to get right to the issue – and only in one called in session. Now, this year, my daughter is confident, capable and free of anxiety.”

S. Anderson


“I had a profound session with Lynn, which brought a needed healing & clearing on a genetic/ancestral level. I no longer feel I have to follow a path defined by my past. I know I create my own free will. I highly recommend her! “