This book is a roadmap out of pain.
It’s time to enjoy more self-love, happiness, success, freedom & calm.
Lynn Vollmer

I Believe The Soul Chooses Our Family & Experiences
In Order To Teach Us Essential Lessons.
It’s Up To Us To Dig & Discover What
We’re Meant To Learn & Shift Our Reality

In My Book I Share My Soul’s Purpose
and My Journey From Challenge To Change.

“Am I not deserving of good in my life? Am I not deserving of peace in my life? I must have “abuse me” or “betray me” stamped on my forehead because the energy of abuse and betrayal follows me everywhere I go. I can’t seem to break the pattern.

Its roots go back to my childhood. I grew up in a violent, alcoholic and abusive environment. At the age of 14, I was taken out of my home and moved from one house to another, trying to find where I belonged. I went from one bad relationship and boyfriend to another trying to prove to myself that I was worthy and deserving of love. I married young, to a man I believed to be my “dream man.” But the dream devolved into a ten-year marriage that was rocky at best. The day he threatened to slash my face if I didn’t obey his command was the day, I decided to divorce him. I had finally had enough. I remember feeling so proud of myself for being strong, even though I wasn’t sure how I would support myself, the kids, or what our future would look like.

I made a promise to myself then, that I would do my best to create a good life for us.  I promised to protect them and teach them as best I could.   I promised that the next husband I married, if I was to ever marry again, would be kind, gentle, loving and supportive.”

excerpt from

“The Prize In Your Pain”

by Lynn Vollmer

You will Learn…

  • Why you suffer adversity and pain
  • Why you choose people & experiences on a Soul Level.
  • How to identify your Pre-Birth Plan
  • What your “Soul Agreements” are
  • What your “Soul’s Call into Action” is
  • How to listen when your Soul speaks & the art of Inner Reflection
  • Why your Soul’s got your back
  • How to walk down your Childhood Memory Lane & identify roots of your pain.
  • How to identify conditioning, limited beliefs & patterns
  • How to create stronger boundaries – so you show yourself far more love
  • How to say “yes” to support & be clear on what you desire and deserve
  • How to recognize your triggers – and know where you need to heal most
  • How to identify, acknowledge and process, unprocessed pain and unprocessed feelings that has been stuck in your body.
  • How to use The power of Theta as a bridge between your conscious & subconscious mind.
  • How to Dare to Be YOU – & bravely own your journey
  • How to energetically change a limited belief on a cellular level & bring in your Soul Lessons
  • How to complete your Soul Agreements and do a Soul Fragment Retrieval.
  • How to experience the BIGGER PICTURE of your life plan
  • How to feel the language of your body, magnetically bringing back to you what you feel and desire.

How to claim all of the many prizes to be won:
more self-love, happiness, success, freedom & calm.


“My husband and I were having issues with our relationship. I was super impressed with Lynn’s ability to deal with us. She hit things right on, even though she knew nothing about my husband. She was a joy to work with.”



“My daughter suffered trauma in the last semester of school. Lynn used her intuitive insight to get right to the issue – and only in one called in session. Now, this year, my daughter is confident, capable and free of anxiety.”

S. Anderson


“I had a profound session with Lynn, which brought a needed healing & clearing on a genetic/ancestral level. I no longer feel I have to follow a path defined by my past. I know I create my own free will. I highly recommend her! “