Belief Work 

Shift your limiting beliefs and heal your life! 

Maybe your limiting beliefs are leading you to struggle with …

  • Depression, anxiety, doubt, hopelessness, 
  • Abuse, emotional pain, self-sabotage. 
  • Toxic relationships, feeling stuck.
  • Resentments, guilt, anger, regret, shame.
  • Fear, addictions, and not knowing where to turn.

Why I Love Belief Work:

What we see, feel hear, observe, witness and experience get's recorded on a cellular level and goes into the subconscious and becomes programs. 

These programs create our reality as vibration attracts vibration. 

Belief work helps us find these lower vibrational beliefs and allows us to change them to higher vibrational ones.  In my case for example I was able to change "men are abusive" to "men can be supportive, loving, compassionate and nurturing"

If Belief work can change my life - maybe it can change yours to!

So, who do I work with?

I work with people of all ages and stages in their life who are struggling with:

  • depression
  • abusive relationships
  • trauma, phobias
  • parenting issues
  • relationship challenges
  • anxiety, career blocks
  • financial worries

Some ways you can work with me…

NOTE: Hi, first time customers! Let's schedule a “free 20 minute intro call” to talk about how I can help you. Click on the button below. 

Belief Work Sessions

Changing the energy from “Victim to Victor”

To change any pain or adversity in your life you have to be willing to find the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and want to experience something greater.   In my 1-on-1 sessions, I guide you through the maze of your life as we uncover the origin of your limiting beliefs, identify them and change them to a higher vibrational frequency so you not only heal your pain and adversity but also start living your life on your own terms - without apology! 

Belief Work for Individuals
1-Hour Single Session


Belief Work Packages Available: All sessions are RECORDED

Introductory Package


Save $36

3 Session Package


Save $21

1-Month Package
4-Sessions & 1 Body Scan


Save $142

10 Session Package


Save $230

Do you sometimes start a sentence with
"I need to... - I have to... - I must..."
These beliefs are keeping you enslaved to programs of obligations with people in your life.

Free yourself from the chains of the past.

I’d love to work with you and help you release and shift the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life you seek.  Be empowered to start mindfully and soul-fully choosing more positive and loving choices by understanding why the adversity was placed in front of you – so you can begin to live life on your own terms!

Got questions?

I’m happy to answer them!


Why Clients Love Lynn Vollmer

I think that my healing is a done deal! You're a genius! My head feels so light this morning. The whole ear canal was blocked from any healing before, my guess is that the scar tissue was what blocked the energy flow. It sure feels great this morning, anyway.

Molly K. 


“When I met Lynn, I had this deep sadness, sort of an empty space deep down inside and I was oversensitive for years!

I wanted to change; I needed to change!  I just couldn’t find a way to heal myself. 

Lynn guided me through this healing journey. I am now free, I feel whole and complete, I found my real self and I am happy! 

Miracles do happen!

This healing journey changed my life for the best! Thank you Lynn!



“I had a profound session with Lynn, which brought a needed healing & clearing on a genetic/ancestral level. I no longer feel I have to follow a path defined by my past. I know I create my own free will. I highly recommend her! “




Lynn Vollmer is not a medical doctor and does not make any claims or diagnoses of any health challenges. She makes no promise or guarantee as to the type of healing or changes that may occur during a session. Lynn is a dedicated and passionate Spiritual Teacher with a ThetaHealing Master Instructor certification. She has helped many thousands of clients to live with more happiness, inner peace and loving connections with others. Results differ from client to client, based upon the depth of beliefs and personal resistance to change.