Getting intimate
with your

Chakra Workshop

Brining peace, love, joy and balance to your every day life

What are Chakras

The Chakras, also known as energy centers, are a vortexes of energy found within the subtle body.  They are circular and each spin at different speeds.  The root chakra being the slowest and most dense to the crown chakra being the fastest and most light. 

Each chakra represents a physical and emotional component to the human body. 

Our chakras are always giving and receiving information with us and the outside world.  The clearer and more balanced our chakras are, the more at peace we feel with ourselves, others and life in general. It also helps us hear and listen to our intuitive selves. 

Our childhood experiences and what we witnessed and observed in the family home, at school or in society will influence our chakras. Resulting in either our chakras being overactive (too much energy) or underactive (lack energy.  

Are your chakras balanced? 

Are they overactive? Or are they underactive?

Join us for 8 weeks as we get intimate with each one and dive deep into understanding the different components of what they represent, how they work and how they shape our day to day lives.

  • Gain MORE PEACE into your daily life. 
  • Experience LESS STRESS in your day.
  • FEEL LIGHTER upon waking up or as you get ready for the day ahead.
  • Bring MORE BALANCE to your day to day activities.  
  • Experience LESS CHAOS and MORE EASE dealing with life's challenges. 
  • Gain a BETTER UNDERSTANDING of who you are at a cellular level.
  • CREATE MORE SPACE FOR CHANGE and allow the universe to show you.

What you will gain out of this 8-week workshop besides more love, peace and joy. 

  • Gain a deep understanding of your chakras and how they effect your life.  
  • Do your chakras lack energy or are they overactive?  Come and find out.  
  • Learn the physical and emotional component of each chakra.  
  • Come to know how to support the chakras by responding to what they need for balance.    
  • What chakras create what issues within the body when they our out of balance.  
  • Types of food and essential oils that support the different chakras.
  •  PLUS ...

RE-WRITE YOUR STORY with a chakra clearing, healing and balancing at the end of each workshop. 

getting intimate with your chakras

WhenEvery Wednesday for 8 weeks starting October 11 - November 29th,  
Where: ONLINE Zoom
Time: 12 pm - 1/1:30 pm MST

Workshop Investment

CA$159.00 + GST

Replays available so if you can't make the date, no worries.  A replay will be sent to your inbox within 48 hours.  Follow along at your leisure and receive the clearing and balancing. 


You missed out!

Are you ready to feel better? Love MORE? Be more balanced and less stressed?

If so, then this workshop is for you!

Lynn Vollmer
Energy Healer, Teacher

& Spiritual Guide, 
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