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Hi, "I'm a Belief Work Expert, Belief Busting Master and Instructor, and Theta Healing Master."

I’ll help you live life on your own terms.

Hi, "I'm a Belief Work Expert, Belief Busting Master and Instructor, and Theta Healing Master."

I’ll help you live life on your own terms.

It’s your choice: victimhood or enlightenment

Too many people are living unconsciously and need to awaken their soul. They’re allowing other people and past pain to choose the direction of their lives. In my 1-on-1 sessions, I wake people up – so they can live their lives with consciousness – and choose better ways to react to people and challenges – so they can become the victor of their life story. My clients feel a freedom like they have never felt before by clearing up their limited views of themselves, their experiences and the people associated with their pain.

Get unstuck from the muck.
There’s a better way of feeling, being, doing.

I used to suffer from deep depression, anger, regret, shame and guilt. My relationships were toxic. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of darkness – not knowing how to get out of it.

Thankfully I studied Theta healing and the psychology and spiritual philosophy behind belief transformation. I wound up learning tools which empowered me to change my belief systems, constricted perspectives and limiting patterns of behavior – which I discovered had originated in the pain of my childhood abuse.

In fact, when I finally deeply understood how my subconscious beliefs were the culprits behind my self sabotaging behaviors, my life became transformed. I had a soul awakening and I felt liberated, renewed, rejuvenated. I started to experience greater happiness, more loving relationships, a flow of greater success.

I know my story of transformation can become yours, too.

It’s time to wish for MORE,
feel you deserve MORE,
and start getting MORE!

People who work with me often say “I found myself.” The truth is, they were never lost. They were just buried beneath a pile of rubble called pain. I am simply their rubble remover. I help people to remove the obstacles that are keeping them from enjoying their highest potential life.

I believe that you – your soul – chose this life, these experiences. The question is “WHY?” I believe your soul picked your mother, your father and your experiences in order to become its greatest soulful expression in human form. I believe all the wounds you carry can become your greatest power – if you allow yourself to experience a soul awakening.

I’d love to help you to reveal your WHY – then support in you exploring your HOW.

What Clients Say About Me - Lynn Vollmer

Lynn is a true gift.

Lynn is a true gift. I walked in so broken and left the appointment feeling much better and totally inspired by my own future. I feel like a brand new person on a way to recovery. Her energy, presence, guidance and love is like nothing I ever experienced before.



It is truly amazing how much my perception has changed.

Just wanted to say thank you, I feel like a totally different person after our last session. Also my intestines calmed down immediately, and well everything is awesome. It is truly amazing how much my perception has changed. What a difference.

Nikita P.


I experienced deep, profound healing.

All I can say is “WOW”! In my session I experienced deep, profound healing. I received insight and clarity into issues I did not even know were clouding my life. I recommend anyone ready for deep healing to book a session with Lynn.

Christine S.



Some ways you can work with me…

Increase Communication by Both Parents and Children
Belief Busting
Break through your limited beliefs
Group Healing and Belief Work Sessions
Conscious Parenting Benefit From Reducing Stress
Family Coaching & Belief Work Sessions
Using Mind To Control Pain From Depression
Past Life Regression with Belief Work
Heal Your Life by Changing Your Beliefs

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know me as an exceptional teacher of ThetaHealing®, and a gifted “therapeutic digger into the subconscious” – helping clients to awaken their soul and discover what’s blocking them from achieving what they want.

I’ll be launching a new book, with tools to help you to believe in yourself, process your pain points, and move past your past – so you can retrieve the prize waiting for you: the lesson and purpose in your pain. In the meantime, check out my services!