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with Lynn vollmer


Every day we have an opportunity to choose something different - something more for ourselves! 

Every decision we choose brings us closer or further away from our desired goals.  On paper it appears easy, yet many self-sabotage their desired goals because of the limited beliefs they hold within their subconscious mind.  Part of our human experience is to learn how to "master" the self and resolve these limiting beliefs so we may live a life of abundance in our relationships, health, work, finances and so much more.  

Through the art of belief work, shadow work, energy healing and other spiritual practices Lynn will help you reveal and change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  

Gain clarity and purpose, decrease your anxiety, shift your depression, let go of guilt, shame and regret, find your joy and creativity, take back your power, let go of the mindset of dis-ease, feel energized to want to create the changes you seek and become inspired to live the live you know you deserve. 

AND, learn to live it without apology!

Free yourself from the belief systems that are keeping you stuck. 

Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach, Theta Healing® Master & Instructor, Lynn Vollmer helps people take back control of their lives to create real, lasting changes and transformations. Utilizing simple tools and teachings of the psychology and spiritual metaphysics of Belief Work and Energy Healing, Lynn brings a deep profound understanding to help her clients and students achieve:

  • More Clarity and Less Chaos
  • More Confidence and Less Doubt
  • Loving Connections and Less Toxic Ones
  • Deeper Sense of Self, Freedom and Wholeness
  • Direction, Focus and Purpose.




Why Clients Love Lynn

Lynn is a true gift..

Lynn is a true gift. I walked in so broken and left the appointment feeling much better and totally inspired by my own future. I feel like a brand new person on a way to recovery. Her energy, presence, guidance and love is like nothing I ever experienced before.



It is truly amazing how much my perception has changed.

Just wanted to say thank you, I feel like a totally different person after our last session. Also my intestines calmed down immediately, and well everything is awesome. It is truly amazing how much my perception has changed. What a difference.

Nikita P.


I experienced deep, profound healing.

All I can say is “WOW”! In my session I experienced deep, profound healing. I received insight and clarity into issues I did not even know were clouding my life. I recommend anyone ready for deep healing to book a session with Lynn.

Christine S.



My Mission

To inspire, support, guide, empower, teach and motivate you to create the life you deserve and desire. As you gain the tools along with a deep understanding of why you are here and how to discern the adversity in your life, life becomes that much lighter, easier and more fun!

We all chose this life on a soul level, so why not use this to our advantage and allow ourselves to be soulfully guided so we may become the best version and soulful expression of ourselves!  

“A good healer is not one that heals others but one who empowers others to heal themselves” - author unknown

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Upcoming Events

Chakra Clearing & Balancing - Heal and balance your chakra system using ThetaHealing® and Light Language. 

Join us ONLINE for 8 consecutive Wednesdays starting October 11 - November 29, 2023. 

Belief Work Made Easy Workshop - Learn how to identify and change your limiting beliefs in this life changing workshop. 

Coming Soon ONLINE in 2024 - Stay tuned

Intuitive Development - Learn how to listen and turn up the volume to your intuitive abilities.  This workshop is for beginners and advance.  
Coming Soon ONLINE IN 2024 - Stay 

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